Fiber God Statues Manufacturer (Fiber Murti Manufacturer) in Delhi, NCR.

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Fiber God Statues 

We are a manufacturer of fiberglass god statues (Fiber Murti Manufacturer), wall murals, Jagran sets, and other event and tent line decorative products. We have a team of creative artists who makes on-demand statutes of any size. (Mobile no. : 8506055707)

Here are some of the statues which we have made.

Lord Shiva and Mata Sati Fiber Statue.

Lord shiva and Mata Sati Fiber Statue, Shiv Sati Statue FRP

Hanuman Ji Fiber Statue.

Hanuman ji fiber statue

Shri Krishna Fiber Statue.

Lord Krishna Fiberglass Statue.

Sai Baba Fiber Statue

Sai Baba Fiberglass Statue Manufacturer in Delhi

Ram Darbar Set

Ram Darbar Set

Ram Darbar Statues Set

Ganesh Ji Fiber Statue

Bhagwan Ganesh Fiberglass Statue

Shiv Ji Fiber Statue

Bhagwan Shiv Fiber Statue

Maa Durga Fiber Statue / Shera Wali Mata Fiberglass Statue

Durga Mata Fiber Statue

Shera Wali Mata Fiber Statue / Durga maa fiberglass Murti

Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati Statue

Bhagwan Shiv and Mata Parvati Statue

Other Gods Statues

Fiberglass God Statues

Mobile no. +91 8506055707