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FRP Chemical Storage Tank Manufacturer

As the number of people who are up-to-date on FRP tanks and their benefits The number of customers who purchase OJB FRP tanks is growing. This is due to the fact that OJB FRP tanks symbolize durability, toughness, more shelf-life, as well as a lighter body.

When we start distribution for a particular item to your home or office address, we ensure it is that the OJB FRP product is checked two times. The first one is for quality and another test is made to ensure that the package is properly packaged and delivered. When you get the item, you're amazed at the amount of effort we put into the package.

Why should you pick OJB FRP Chemical Storage tanks?

The primary reason is believed to be corrosion resistant. It is important to realize that if tanks hold water for an extended period of time, it becomes damaged. An FRP tank offers the ability to resist corrosion in a seamless manner. Maintenance and replacement costs are cut to a minimum when as durable as concrete tanks.

The other aspect to consider is the labor cost. If concrete tanks are utilized the tank is very massive. Tanks that are heavy require expensive installation costs. When the tank is light, such as FRP tanks, installation is quite cost-effective.

Make a plan for long-term investment and stop worrying about the immediate. If you choose to use different materials to build tanks The cost may appear to be low at first. But then you realize it was a bad purchase as the maintenance cost nearly wiped out your savings account. If the tank is FRP, the maintenance cost is virtually non-existent. This proves that FRP tanks are profitable over the long term.

We are the top FRP Chemical Storage Tank manufacturer?

As an FRP tank manufacturer, We manufacture FRP tanks as well as FRP vessel tanks. OJB FRP's products focus on customer service and can be used in commercial and industrial water treatment facilities. Constructed from Fiber-reinforced Plastic, our product is light, strong, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Installation on-site is performed by our highly skilled technicians which means it doesn't take any time. It is possible to have the installation completed within 10 minutes.

OJB FRP products are designed so that it is able to endure the harsh climate. They also make excellent load bearers. If you're in need to purchase a vessel for your water treatment facility, then OJB FRP is the best choice.

We have experts who have been in business for a considerable period of time. Therefore, any water-related requirements of your sewage plant will be met by us.

FRP vessels and tanks that are made by us are

FRP composite vessel

FRP storage tanks

FRP horizontal tank

FRP pressure tanks

Top and bottom FRP vessel


A few of the unique characteristics of your FRP tanks and tank vessel for FRP

All The OJB FRP Tank vessels will provide you with the highest performance

The FRP tank vessels have a flawless surface and are extremely durable.

Easy to install and lightweight

Sight glass that allows you to view the operation in progress

Discharges are accurate


Why should you trust OJB FRP with your money?

The process used to make OJB FRP-based products are referred to by the name filament wilding. The fiber-reinforced material that we use in our products is known to resist hydrostatic forces as well as high tensile forces. It has been proven that FRP is stronger than steel, which means it is guaranteed that the material is of the highest quality. A few of the benefits of using OJB FRP products could be summarized in the following manner.

Abrasion resistance product

Excellent sustainable performance

There are no leak issues

Super-low cost

Can withstand high pressure without causing harm to the infrastructure

The resistance to corrosion is complemented by the versatility


What are the benefits of our products for the treatment of water

The characteristics of FRP make it resistant to harsh chemicals and liquids. This means that the flow of water can be a breeze in FRP tank vessels, and there is no risk of leaks. Additionally, high-pressure liquids move effortlessly through them and our FRP tank products will not even sweat.

Because of its flexibility, It gives you the opportunity to alter the OJB FRP product to any shape or size you like. This means that you can make our FRP tank appear both vertical and horizontal. tiny, or large. The dimensions and dimensions of an FRP tank vessel will be up to you.

We are here to help, even though you could have other choices?

We visit your water treatment facilities. Based on this we can suggest some of our FRP solutions that will help your business in a seamless manner.

We think about the customer before we think about your own profits

Whatever issue you may have in connection with any Envigurad product Our team is just a phone call away. If you call us, an inquiry to our engineers in the technical department, they'll be there the next day.

Some companies offer costly prices, however, we recognize the importance of the hard-earned rupees that you've earned so we make OJB FRP prices for products extremely affordable.

Our most popular products

Chemical storage tanks made of FRP: The tanks are used to treat the chemical environments in the chemical industry water treatment, wastewater treatment, as well as power production.

Acids Storage FRP Tank: Inside a typical acid tank the acid stored within the tank can cause the tank to become uninspiring due to corrosion. The OJB FRP acid storage tank is corrosion-proof, which means that there is no damage to the tank's structure.

Tank for biodigesters made from FRP: features self-cleaning mechanisms, meaning that you won't have to fret about the amount of waste that is accumulated within the tank. The specific chemicals in the tank help to take charge of the smell of waste.

A pickling vessel made from FRP: The integrated suction mechanism that is in this tank allows the tank to eat acidic fumes and provides an environment that is natural that which your facility can thrive.

The FRP tank for chemical storage: The tank is used to store chemical water and makes sure that the infrastructure of the tank does not become compromised.

The FRP tank is a pressure vessel: It maintains the pressure of water to a high within the tank. If it is not maintained, there may be the possibility of bacterial growth.

Dosing tank made of FRP: these tanks are admired because they have sturdiness and durability. They also have high resistance to corrosion.

FRP planter tank: Tanks made of FRP are used to keep plants. The tank's design can be customized to the requirements of the customer as we have an option for 3D printing.


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