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FRP (Fiberglass) Bus Body Parts Manufacturer in Delhi

FRP (Fiberglass) Automotive Products

OJB FRP builds high-quality automotive products for buses and cars. Such as Bus FRP Wheel Cover, Bus FRP Front Show, Bus FRP Roof Inside, Bus FRP Dashboard, Bus FRP Engine Hood, Bus FRP Seat Back Cover, Bus FRP Mudguard, Bus FRP Mirror Bracket, FRP Bus Luggage Rack, FRP Bus LCD Box, FRP Bus Front Light Cover, FRP Bus Front Grill, FRP Back Light Cover, FRP Bus Fenders, FRP Bus Ceiling, FRP Bus Head Light Cover, FRP Bus Front Bumper, FRP Side Mirror, and Other Bus FRP interiors.

All The Bus Body Builders in Delhi Buy FRP Products from us, because we provide high-quality, durable products at low prices. We also supply our products in other states of India and we also supply our products in South Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Shri Lanka.


om jai bharti enterprises in delhi bus body parts manufacturer OJB FRP

OJB FRP Bus Body Manufacturer in Delhi - Fiberglass Bus Interior

FRP Bus Wheel Cover Fiberglass

Bus Wheel Cover FRP

FRP Wheel Cover for Bus

Bus Wheel Cover made up of Fiberglass

FRP Bus Wheel Cover


OJB FRP Bus Side Mirror Bracket


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