FRP (Fiberglass) Water & Waste Tank for Automobiles, Vanity Van, Food Truck, Toilet Van, Bus

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FRP (Fiberglass) TANK for Automobiles (Water & Waste Tank)

OJB FRP builds high-quality FRP (Fiberglass) water and waste tank for automobiles, buses, buses that are used as vanity vans, movable toilets, Food Trucks, etc.

We can build any size of tank for you to store water or waste in the bus. We do business with bus bodybuilders in India and abroad.

The benefit of having an FRP Tank is that it can be repaired if any kind of leakage happens in the tank or if it breaks by accident, and another benefit is that it can be built according to your required size and design.


Fiberglass FRP Tank for buses, water tank for buses, waste tank for toilet on wheels, or bus toilet tank, water tank for food truck

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FRP Tank Water Tank, Waste Tank, Fiberglass Tank

FRP Tanks for Water Bus tank, vanity van tank, other fiberglass tank

We can build any kind of tank of any size. for order, please contact us at this number 9810307179, 7503750730

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