FRP Lining Services - OJB FRP (Fiberglass) Lining Services in Delhi, India

FRP Lining Services - OJB FRP (Fiberglass) Lining Services in Delhi, India

What is an FRP Coating as well as an FRP Lining?

If you're thinking "what is an FRP coating" or "what is an FRP lining" This article should assist!

What is an FRP coating?

FRP Coatings & Linings (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics) is a premium coating and lining system that is formed by thermosetting resins and fiberglass that increase durability and security by the lining of pipes, Chemical storage tanks and cooling towers, and various types of industrial equipment for processing.

In many applications, FRP coatings provide greater performance over the other coatings. If a polyester resin is employed together with fiberglass the lifetime of the coating is extended and is more resistant to corrosion.

GRP Coating GRP Coating method is a distinct place in comparison to other insulation options and proves its superiority by using a hand-lay-up technique by using exclusive roller brushes. This kind of hand-held FRP coating technique is suitable for use in the field in a safe manner and requires greater chemical acid and corrosion-resistant.

FRP Coating Applications

  • Acid and FRP water tanks Overlays
  • Acid Cap Skins GRP
  • Roof coatings and concrete floor
  • Acid Ground FRP Overlays
  • Treatment Plant Isolation

What is an FRP Lining?

FRP Lining is a resin lining used to increase the safety and durability of a tank by lining the interior of steel tanks as well as water tanks storage tanks and cooling towers using FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics).

It is strong and durable and is unaffected by structural defects that can happen. When the FRP liner is completed the tank will have similar strength to an FRP coated tank fitted to the inside.

The material is a room-temperature-curing type and is applicable for on-site lining and large-sized tanks.

  • Steel tank FRP linings
  • Water tank FRP linings
  • Storage tank repairs

The FRP coating along with Lining with OJB FRP.

Our FRP Lining and Coating that we make is widely used in the industry for a range of uses. FRP offers several benefits that make it ideal for hostile and unfriendly conditions in an industrial setting It is weatherproof, non-corrosive, fire-resistant, and impact resistant. FRP is also immune to chemical corrosive substances (free from environmental, acidic as well as acidic corrosion). That's why tanks used for the storage of chemical substances are lined using FRP. FRP is also leakproof and corrosion-resistant. The material is perfect to make roofs and linings for tanks made of steel. The FRP linings OJB FRP offers for industrial uses can withstand harsh conditions. Our FRP linings are of excellent quality and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

To provide properties such as chemical resistance, resistance to leaks, or UV proof FRP coatings and linings are typically applied to an original substrate like concrete, different kinds of steels, PVC PE, PP, PVDF, EPS, or any other kind of thermoplastic. Underground steel tanks need an external barrier to shield them from acidic or weather-related environments. The FRP raw material used for lamination of lining and coating will depend on the location's conditions or the specifications of the customer.

OJB FRP Coating & Lining

OJB FRP provides FRP Coating & Lining all needs of your taken care of. We are able to proudly install FRP linings on tanks of any size for public works cooling tower industries as well as other places which require storage tanks. We can reduce your costs with our FRP coatings and liner, please contact Us at (+91 9810307179).


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