Fiber Flower Pots and Planters Manufacturer in Delhi for Home, Office, Events, Gardens, Hotels.

FRP Planter for Home, office, garden, and Hotel decoration

Manufacturer of fiberglass pots

Welcome to our online catalog of planters and pots. we are a proudly Indian company, specializing in the manufacture and design of pots.

We present our range of fiberglass pots and planters

On our website, you can find the entire collection of pots that we have manufactured,  in different sizes and shapes such as square, rectangular, concave, conical, and hexagonal, in a wide variety of colors.

Fiber Planter for Garden

FRP Planters for Event Decoration

Fiberglass Planter, Pot for decoration

Fiber Planter for Tent House

Flower Planter for Event Decoration

Fiberglass Planters and pots

Planter and Pots for Event Decoration

FRP Planter for Hotel Modern Planter Rectangular

FRP Planter Rectangular

Fiber Planter for Hotel Decoration

Customized FRP Fiber Planter

FRP Planter for Office and Hotel Gallery

fiber planter for garden decoration

Flower Pot and Gamla for Garden and Tent Decoration

FRP Planter Manufacturer in Delhi

Fiberglass Planter Manufacturer in Delhi

FRP Planter Manufacturer in Delhi for Decoration Purpose

Event Decoration, Marriage Decoration Flower Pots and Planters made of Fiberglass FRP

Fiber Planter for Decoration

Fiber Planter Manufacturer, Event Decoration Products Manufacturer in Delhi

Fiber Flower Pots for Garden Decoration

Fiber Planter, Flower Pots for Marriage Decoration, Tent House Decoration, Event Decoration Round Beautiful Planter

Fiber Planter

FRP Planter for Decoration Round Planter

Fiber Planter for Decoration


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Why choose Om Jai Bharti Enterprises to design and manufacture your pots

Are you fed up with pots broken by small accidents or by bad weather? At OJB we offer you pots that are not only  beautiful but also very resistant.

As we are manufacturers and not just another distributor, we can offer you fair prices and the possibility of delivering to you in a timely manner. We have a diverse range of fiberglass planters, in different colors, shapes, styles, and sizes; We adapt to the tastes and needs of our clients, whether they want a modern or classic design.

Within our factory of planters, we seek to maintain a varied design line, trying to play with sizes, colors, and styles, to dress your space in the best way, be it an office, home, garden, or business.

One of the most important advantages that we offer our customers is that we manufacture pots to last a lifetime. We use fiberglass-reinforced plastic, which is a super-resistant material, used to manufacture all our pots.

Our commitment is quality and design over the years we have created and improved our line of pots.

Each of our pots is designed, and manufactured in India and meets high-quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why use fiberglass pots?

Fiberglass is a resistant and incredibly moldable material, it is used for both interiors and exteriors. It has characteristics that allow it to be given a finish in colors and textures.

All the fiberglass pots that we manufacture are ultra-light, so we can move them and change their place very easily.

Advantages of using fiberglass pots

  • The use of fiberglass ensures a perfect aesthetic finish, as well as being extremely versatile due to its functionality. For what is applied to pots we can find a wide variety of models.
  • One of the great advantages that we have when using fiberglass is that this material can be shaped, therefore it can be customized in some tint so that it suits both the decoration and the environment.
  • The chemical composition of fiberglass is very resistant, both to various changes in climate, as well as high temperatures and humidity. They resist blows, external pressures, and scratches.
  • Maintenance for a fiberglass pot is simple, it can be washed with soap and water. In addition, repairing fiberglass is an extremely simple task.

Disadvantages of Pots made of fiberglass

The only disadvantage of the fiberglass pots is the prices that can be slightly more expensive depending on the complexity compared to other types of containers, this is due to its production process, but as we are manufacturers we can assure you that we are offering the fairest price on the market.

Uses of fiberglass pots and planters

Decoration and setting for restaurants, homes, corporate buildings, and hotels; For the construction companies, special designs could be manufactured for the different turns.

Think that it must have an adequate height and width so that your plants can develop in the best way, also consider the aesthetics that the planter will have, that is, the model and color that you like without neglecting the health of the plant.

Where can you buy fiberglass pots?

How many times have you wondered where you can get fiberglass pots? Well, you are in the right place, we manufacture the best pots since we have all the necessary tools and enough space to create a wide catalog of planters and pots of many sizes, shapes, and colors. In traditional, modern, avant-garde, and minimalist styles, with the aim of making your space look authentic and very elegant.